UESPWiki:Policies and Guidelines

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* '''Blocking Policy''' – Editors who are disruptive and do not respect our community can be blocked from editing for either a short or long period of time, depending on the offense.
* '''[[UESPWiki:Content Over Style|Content Over Style]]''' – The content of the site always has precedence over the current style of the site. If at any time the style interferes with the content of the site, then the style must change in order to support the content.
* '''[[UESPWiki:Deletion Policy|Deletion Policy]]''' – Pages can only be deleted by an administrator, and in general should follow one of the processes approved by the deletion policy.
* '''[[UESPWiki:Namespaces|Namespaces]]''' – We keep all of our pages in namespaces such as Oblivion: and UESPWiki:, and we do not put regular content in our main namespace like [ Wikipedia] or [ OblivioWiki]. Please do not put regular content inside the main namespace.
* '''[[UESPWiki:Protection Policy|Protection Policy]]''' – Pages can be protected by administrators in various degrees and for various time periods when the need arises.
* '''[[UESPWiki:Style Guide|Style Guide]]''' – We try to keep a uniform and neat style. These are style-related guidelines that you should follow when editings.
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