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*[[:Category:Oblivion-ONPCRP|The main ONPCRP category]] - stuff still to do in the ONPCRP}}
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*<s>'''Oblivion Generic NPCs''': I think I've got most of these now, with things like [[Shivering:Victim]] and [[Oblivion:Forgotten One]] finally having been created. I need to check that there aren't any others missing. There may be more of these than is apparent, due to redirects preventing some pages from appearing as redlinks. A full list of the NPCs that need / might need / don't need pages is [[User:Rpeh/Sandbox/7|here]]</s>.
*'''Mods''': Several need finishing or starting:
**'''Tamriel Rebuilt''': The first pass has been done, and most of the pages are at least created. There's still a hell of a lot of work to do though. I'm holding off doing ''too'' much on this because new maps are due out soon, and I'd rather not do a load of work only to find it's out of date. That's also why so many NPCs from Map 2 are being left as stubs.**'''Stirk''': Nearly finished. Just a shame there's no longer going to be the full Hammerfell mod. Finish the [[:Category:Stirk Stubs|stubs]] then do the OBNPCRP job on them, and that's pretty much it finished.*<s>'''References''': I've gradually been getting more references in the [[Lore:Main Page|Lore]] area to better link pages together and get rid of some of the nonsense we have on there. This task is really fun, but takes a lot of research even for minor pages, let alone biggies. I've made a start on a few pages. Check out [[Lore:Second Empire|some]] [[Lore:Reman Dynasty|of]] [[Lore:Akaviri Potentate|these]] [[Lore:Interregnum|examples]]. See also the [[User:Rpeh/WULPPIOHTAASWDP‎|WULPPIOHTAASWDP‎]].</s>*The '''Lore''' pages have undergone something of a revolution recently, with [[User:Kalis Agea|Kalis Agea]], [[User:Minor Edits|Minor Edits]] and [[User:Legoless|Legoless]] especially doing some great work on improving them. This has pretty much rendered the WULPPIOHTAASWDP‎ moot, although there's still a lot that can be done.
*'''Missing Lore''': I'm not 100% convinced that every author or person named in a book needs their own entry on Lore:People, but that's what's happened so far, and I'm maybe... 35% convinced. At the very least, we need a list of which people remain and then to decide how we want to handle all of them.
*'''Shadowkey''': To a first approximation, this is done. It still needs a page about leveling, and the creature page is rubbish. The trouble is that many aspects of documenting the game are difficult given the lack of a console. I need to play the game through several more times to make sure the (reasonable) assumptions I've made always hold.
**'''Other Oblivion Maps''': There's more to TESIV than Cyrodiil, and although we have the main game map looking (almost) totally wonderful, there are other worlds: Oblivion itself including Peryite's world; Pale Pass, Paradise, Painted World, Frostfire Glen... the goal is to get all of these up and running as online maps too. Map tiles have been done but the code needs rewriting to allow multiple "worlds" per game.
**'''Official Mods''': Add an option to display official mod images on the maps.
**'''UI Improvements''': Such as letting people show only certain elements. See the later comments on "External UI" for why this isn't trivial. We may end up simply including the mod images by default instead.**'''External UI''': Coming up with some kind of interface so that others can add mod info to our map. This one is really, really blue-sky. The problem with this is handling several mods at once. At zoom level 16 (the highest zoom on OB) or 17 (on MW), it's not ''too'' bug a problem because mods are rarely packed together that tightly. The problem comes when you zoom out, because several mods will be competing for the same tile. The solution may be to only show mods on the highest zooms, although that'll look really odd if people use things like the Unique Landscapes. It's possible this idea simply isn't going to fly.
**'''Other Stuff''': Pie-in-the-sky stuff like contour lines and incorporation of Nephele's monster/ingredient maps}}
{{/box|site projects|
*'''[[UESPWiki:Oblivion NPC Redesign Project|Oblivion NPC Redesign Project]]''': A major project to redesign the pages for all Oblivion's NPCs, adding details of their schedules, unique dialogue and more. This has turned out to be far, far more difficult than expected for several reasons. The goal isn't to do it: the goal is to do it ''right''. The distinction is causing some problems.
*<s>'''[[UESPWiki:Morrowind Quest Results Project|Morrowind Quest Results Project]]''': Small, focused project to ensure we're listing all possible outcomes from Morrowind quests.</s> '''Complete'''*'''[[UESPWiki:Shivering Isles Redesign Project|Shivering Isles Redesign Project]]''': Not really a full redesign, more of a tidy-up.
*'''[[UESPWiki:Task List|Task List]]''': Keeping an eye on the task list and doing my bit to get the important stuff done.}}
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