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Shivering:Unique Clothing

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| style="white-space: nowrap;" | [[Oblivion:Disintegrate Armor|Disintegrate Armor]] 10000pts on self<br>[[Oblivion:Disintegrate Weapon|Disintegrate Weapon]] 10000pts on self
|Needed for [[Shivering:The Coming Storm|The Coming Storm]] quest. Can be bought back from Ahjazda after the quest at Things Found. Albeit seemingly useless, equipping the amulet disintegrates all armor, allowing the player to easily level up the armorer skill with sufficient repair hammers. It can also be useful for exploiting the [[Oblivion:Exploitable Glitches#Permanent_Bound_Items|Bound Armor]] glitch, because its enchantment easily breaks Bound Armor, which is otherwise tricky to damage.
| {{Linkable Entry|Slaughterfish Scale Charm}} <br>{{ID|00081A6B}}
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