Oblivion:Cursed Mine

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A bugged test item is not an easter egg in the slightest.
== Notes ==
* This mine contains 5 [[Oblivion:Cairn Bolete Cap|Cairn Bolete]] plants and 58 [[Oblivion:Wisp Stalk Caps|Wisp Stalk]] plants.
* When the [[Oblivion:Horse Armor Pack|Horse Armor]] [[Oblivion:Official Plug-ins|official plug-in]] is installed, a new chest is added next to the easternmost chest marker in the ''[[#Cursed Mine Lower Galleries|Cursed Mine Lower Galleries]]''. It contains the bugged object ''Horse Armor Plans''. See the plug-in's article for more information.
** {{UOMP}}; the chest is disabled and the ''Horse Armor Plans'' will be removed from the player's inventory.
[[Image:OB-Map-CursedMine03.jpg|thumb|right|215px|Cursed Mine Lower Galleries]]
When you enter this zone you will have to fight two Bandits in the first room immediately. The second room is much larger, and you can try to take on the enemies one at a time. If you bought the horse armor plugin, there is ana easterbugged eggitem in a chest here (see [[#Notes|notes]] above).
The third room is the main base of the bandits. You can find three enemies here and the Bandit ringleader to your right. The [[Oblivion:Dungeons#Boss Chests|Boss Chest]] is located in the tent of the Bandit Ringleader. This room is the only room in the mine to contain silver veins and at '''E''' there is a small stash of silver ore.