Oblivion:Jakben Imbel's House

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The '''Catacombs''' is a small cave underneath Jakben Imbel's House containing vampires.
For such a small cave, the tomb certainly has its share of enemies. Coming through the door at '''A''' will place you in a cavern containg one coffin, with a 50% chance of an enemy on the opposite side of the room. To the left is a small side passage, leading to a room containing up to two enemies. Behind an averagea locked door is an area containing two coffins and a healing chest, possibly being guarded by a vampire. An unlocked door leads to a dead end and two treasure chests.
Going back to the main cavern and continuing down into the southern passageway will bring you down a twisting cave into an open space containing one guaranteed vampire, and a 50% chance of another enemy. At the end of this room is another coffin. Backtracking up to the main cavern again and this time turning right down the eastern passage will bring you to a junction. One way is blocked by rocks, but has a healing chest at the end of it. Another is blocked by an average-locked door. Going through this door will bring you face-to-face with a vampire boss, as well as perhaps an undead servant. Once you've dealt with them, unlock anotherthe average-lockednext door (thisand oneproceed can be opened withinto the [[Oblivion:Keys#Imbel_House_Key|Imbelfinal House Key]] if you've pickpocketed it from one of the above-ground residents)room. Inside this final room will be Springheel Jak's Coffin, which contains the ''[[Oblivion:Diary of Springheel Jak|Diary of Springheel Jak]]''. Opening it will not reveal the [[Oblivion:Boots of Springheel Jak (clothing)|boots]] you've come to steal, but it will cause Jakben to appear inside the cave and attack.