Oblivion:Jakben Imbel's House

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|imgdesc=Jakben Imbel's beautiful Talos Plaza house
It is the residence of [[Oblivion:Jakben, Earl of Imbel|Jakben Imbel]], an ancient vampire posing as a local nobleman. The Earl's servant, [[Oblivion:Gemellus Axius|Gemellus Axius]], also lives in the house. A nest of vampires can be found in the family crypt, a small cave accessible from the basement. You will visit this house during the [[Oblivion:Thieves Guild|Thieves Guild]] quest [[Oblivion:Boots of Springheel Jak|Boots of Springheel Jak]]. The house can be entered and fully explored without starting the related quest, but the Catacombs are locked and require [[Oblivion:Imbel Family Crypt Key|a key]] to access.
'''Jakben Imbel's House''' is divided into five areas; four of them are regular house areas and include [[#Jakben Imbel's House|Jakben Imbel's House]], [[#Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters|Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters]], [[#Jakben Imbel's Study|Jakben Imbel's Study]] and [[#Jakben Imbel's Basement|Jakben Imbel's Basement]]. The fifth area, ''[[#Catacombs|Catacombs]]'', is actually a cave hidden underneath the house, containing vampires.
===Jakben Imbel's House===
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's House.jpg|thumb|leftright|Jakben Imbel's House]]
ThisThe luxuriousground mansionfloor canis beabsolutely foundspotless inwith theceramic centerpottery ofand thesilverware methodically lined up on various tables. As is custom with Imperial TalosCity Plazamansions, rightthere betweenare two entrances to the [[Oblivion:Umbacano#Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters|UmbacanoPrivate Quarters]] Manoras andwell [[Oblivion:Theas Tibertwo Septimentrances Hotel|Theto Tiberthe Septim[[#Jakben HotelImbel's Basement|Basement]]. TheA ground floordesk is absolutelyplaced spotlessin withthe ceramiccenter potteryof the room and silverwareholds linedclutter. upNear onthe variouseastern tables.staircase, Aa small table holds a [[Oblivion:Sweetcake|Sweetcake]] from the famous [[Oblivion:Salmo|Salmo the Baker]] in [[Oblivion:Skingrad|Skingrad]], with a bottle of [[Oblivion:Cheap Wine|cheap wine]] on the side. Two barrels near the foot of the stairs contains clutter. In the western side of the room, on another small table, sits a bowl with nine [[Oblivion:Blackberry|blackberries]] and two additional bottles of cheap wine. The cupboard and the two barrels all holds clutter. Jakben's manservant, Gemellus Axius, can be found here in the afternoon.
===Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters===
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters.jpg|thumb|right|Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters]]
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's Study.jpg|thumb|leftright|Jakben Imbel's Study]]
Entering the Private Quarters from the eastern staircase lands you near [[Oblivion:Gemellus Axius|Gemellus Axius]]’ room, which is filled to the brink with wine: four bottles of cheap wine, three bottles of [[Oblivion:Surilie Brothers Wine|Surilie Brothers Wine]], three bottles of [[Oblivion:Tamika's West Weald Wine|Tamika's West Weald Wine]] and one bottle of the expensive [[Oblivion:Surilie Brothers Vintage 415|Surilie Brothers Vintage 415]]. The nextset roomof holdsdrawers anear smallthe door contains libraryclutter and anhas unlockedthree chest[[Oblivion:Apple|apples]] containingsitting silverwareon top. The two barrels and gold.the Achest largeat tablethe dominatesfoot of the diningbed areacontains clutter while the small table hold another apple and containsa morecopy wine,of ''[[Oblivion:VenisonBeggar Prince|vensionBeggar Prince]]''. The neighboring room contains a desk and another set of drawers, [[Oblivion:Corn|corn]]both with clutter, while the unlocked chest contains silverware and/or gold. The small book collection includes copies of ''[[Oblivion:RadishThief of Virtue|radishesThief of Virtue]].'' Twoand wineall racksfive containvolumes anof impressive''[[Oblivion:The 33Real bottlesBarenziah|The ofReal Cheap WineBarenziah]]''.
Up the stairs is Jakben’s study with a locked jewelry box and a desk that contains the ''[[Oblivion:Imbel Genealogy|Imbel Genealogy]]'' during and after the related quest.
The dining area is located in the center of the quarters with a set of stairs leading to Jakben’s study. When entering from Gemellus’ quarters, two chests near the door holds clutter while the large dining table seats six and has plenty of food on display; five ears of [[Oblivion:Corn|corn]], seven slices of [[Oblivion:Venison|venison]] and eleven [[Oblivion:Radish|radishes]] as well as two bottles of [[Oblivion:Cheap Wine|cheap wine]]. The two wine racks combined hold an impressive 33 bottles. A grain sack can be found near one of the racks and a two [[Oblivion:Cheese Wedge|cheese wedges]] sits on the small table near the western door.
===Jakben Imbel's Study===
The Study (also called “Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters” in-game) is a cramped circular room with tapestries and spider webs covering the walls. On a small table sits a silver bowl with three apples. Jakben’s locked desk has a copy of ''[[Oblivion:The Book of Daedra|The Book of Daedra]]'' and three bottles of [[Oblivion:Tamika's West Weald Wine|Tamika's West Weald Wine]] on top, as well as a locked jewelry box with a chance of enchanted jewelry. When you reach [[Oblivion:Boots of Springheel Jak#Journal Entries|stage 20]] of the related quest, the desk will contain the ''[[Oblivion:Imbel_Genealogy|Imbel Genealogy]]''.
===Jakben Imbel's Basement===
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's Basement.jpg|thumb|right|Jakben Imbel's Basement]]
The basement area is innocently looking on the surface and appears as a typical basement used for storage; however, it hides the entrance to the [[#Catacombs|Catacombs]], which is locked until you require the [[Oblivion:Keys#Imbel_House_Key|key]] during the related quest. When entering the basement from the western door, the first room contains four barrels, four crates, three sacks and two chests, all with clutter, as well as two open food sacks. The central area of the basement contains eight clutter sacks and a single clutter chest, while two cupboards and a chest of drawers contains upper-class clothing.
All the containers in the basement contain clutter, but two wine racks would make [[Oblivion:Tamika|Tamika]] proud back in Skingrad - an impressive 50 bottles of her famous wine.
Even more clutter can be found in the eastern room, divided into five sacks, one barrel and one chest; however, a most impressive wine collection can also be found, with a whopping 50 bottles of [[Oblivion:Tamika's West Weald Wine|Tamika's West Weald Wine]].
[[File:OB-interior-Jakben Imbel's Crypt.jpg|thumb|left|Springheel Jak's coffin]]
The '''Catacombs''' is a small cave underneath Jakben Imbel's House containing vampires.
For such a small cave, the tomb certainly has its share of enemies. Coming through the door at '''A''' will place you in a cavern containg one coffin, with a 50% chance of an enemy on the opposite side of the room. To the left is a small side passage, leading to a room containing up to two enemies. Behind an average locked door is an area containing two coffins and a healing chest, possibly being guarded by a vampire. An unlocked door leads to a dead end and two treasure chests.
|[[Image:OB-Mapmap-KeyJakben Tomb Interior.pngjpg|thumb|150px200px|Key toThe MapCatacombs]]
|[[Image:OB-mapMap-Jakben Tomb InteriorKey.jpgpng|thumb|286px140px|TheKey to CatacombsMap]]
* 2 [[Oblivion:Undead Dungeons#Coffin 02|Coffin 02]]
'''Doors and Gates:'''
* There is one door (at '''A''') in/out of this zone, leading to ''[[#Jakben Imbel's Basement|Jakben Imbel's Basement]]''
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Boots of Springheel Jak}}
*The house can be entered and fully explored without starting the related quest, but the Catacombs are locked and require [[Oblivion:Imbel Family Crypt Key|a key]] to access.
*Two books, [[Oblivion:Imbel Genealogy|Imbel Genealogy]] and the [[Oblivion:Diary of Springheel Jak|Diary of Springheel Jak]], can only be found here after stage 20 of the related quest. They will be added to a desk in the study upstairs and to Jak's coffin in the catacombs, respectively.