Shivering:The Coming Storm

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===Calming Pants===
If you speak to the beggar, [[Shivering:Fimmion|Fimmion]], about the [[Shivering:Calming Pants|Calming Pants]], he will request a [[Oblivion:Sweetroll|sweetroll]]. You can trade a sweetroll for the pants. You can also kill him and take the pants from his body. If you'd prefer the non-violent option, one source of sweetrolls in Shivering Isles is in [[Shivering:Rendil Drarara|Rendil Drarara]]'s kitchen. But don't give Fimmion more than one sweetroll, as he will give you a number of pants. You will not be able to turn them in because you have more than one. Console Code "SetQuestObject 00078727 0" will 'unquest' the double pants in your inventory, allowing for you to drop one pair, and finish the quest using the other.
===Amulet of Disintegration===
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