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The ground floor of her house contains nothing of particular interest, except for a chest with a random piece of either iron or steel equipment, located next to the fireplace. The basement, however, shows a couple of vital clues to her secret identity; The [[Oblivion:Skill Books|skill books]] Mythic Dawn Commentaries [[Oblivion:Mythic_Dawn_Commentaries_1|1]] and [[Oblivion:Mythic_Dawn_Commentaries_2|2]], and, if you have started the quest, the document [[Oblivion:Jearl's Orders|Jearl's Orders]], a major piece of evidence. None of the items in the house are marked as owned and as a result you can take it all without getting in trouble.
Jearl wears a pair of [[Oblivion:Buckled Shoes|buckled shoes]], a [[Oblivion:Flax Tunic|flax tunic]], and [[Oblivion:Sack Cloth Pants|sack cloth pants]]. She carries around her [[Oblivion:Jearl's Key|house key]], the [[Oblivion:Basement Key|key]] to the basement, and a small amount of gold. The moment she sees you, she will shout out; ''”You cannot escape the Master's vigilance!"'' and attack you. The only spell that Jearl uses is the standard Mythic Dawn Mace and Armor spell; she has no personalized abilities or powers.