Morrowind:Technical Information

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Operating System
==Operating System==
Morrowind will run on Windows 98 or later, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. For Windows Vista problems, please see [ this thread on the official forums]. For users of non-Microsoft Operating Systems, getting Morrowind to run can be a bit more complex. Linux users need to use [ Wine] to emulate DirectX. Mac owners will be able to run Morrowind through [ Boot Camp], which requires an Intel based Mac and a copy of Windows. Alternatively Intel-based Macs can also run Morrowind Via Cider, downloadable as a torrent, though this route requires higher hardware specs than the original game. As a third option, installing Linux on an Intel based Macintosh computer will allow it to run Morrowind through Wine without a copy of Windows.
==Resolution and Aspect Ratio==