Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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Dungeon doors can usually be opened simply by activating them. Others are locked or even magically locked. Some locked doors can be opened by various combinations of levers, wheels and/or other items that need to be activated. These opening mechanisms may or may not be in the immediate vicinity of the door itself, although they will be in the dungeon section. Additionally, a when a formerly locked door is closed it will neededneed to be unlocked again.
The lock-picking skill, spells and bashing can be used to open locked doors. Lock-picking does not work on magically locked doors. Effective open-effect spells can burn a lot of magical energy, and since a magically locked door may lead to little of value, their use is left to the players discretion. Bashing doors with a weapon wears the weapon in the same way that combat does; having a heavy back-up weapon for this purpose is a possibility.
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