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'''Umbra''' is an artifact of [[Lore:Clavicus Vile|Clavicus Vile]] and is one of the most powerful swords in existence. In [[mw:Umbra Sword|Morrowind]] circa {{Year|3E 427}}, it was possessed by an Orc named [[mw:Umbra (person)|Umbra]] who [[mw:Umbra (quest)|wished to die a soldier's death]]. Six years later, Clavicus Vile [[ob:Clavicus Vile|asked a worshiper]] to retrieve [[ob:Umbra (sword)|the sword]] from [[ob:Umbra (person)|a Bosmer]], also called Umbra, who secluded herself to resist the weapon's need for souls. On {{TIC|Umbriel}} forty years later, the {{TIC|Umbra|original owner}}, whom the sword was named for, revealed that Clavicus Vile had kept him imprisoned in the sword. He flung the weapon from Clavicus' plane and into the mortal realm to keep it from the Daedric Prince and remain free.
This sword is possibly a reference to a similar weapon in GLen Cook's 1982 novel, 'The Swordbearer'.
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