Oblivion:The Market Sewers

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[[File:OB-place-the market sewers.jpg|left|thumb|The Market Sewers serves as a camp for Bandits]]
* This sewer connects to [[Oblivion:Beneath the Bloodworks|Beneath the Bloodworks]] (under the [[Oblivion:Arena District|Arena District]]) and [[Oblivion:The North Tunnel|The North Tunnel]] (leading out to [[Oblivion:Lake Rumare|Lake Rumare]]).
* 7 bedrolls at locations '''b''' on map
[[File:OB-place-market sewers city entrance.jpg|left|thumb|Entrance to the Sewers in the Imperial City Market District]]
[[File:OB-place-market sewers entry Best Defence .jpg|left|clear=none|thumb|Entrance to the sewers in the basement of The Best Defense]]
[[File:OB-place-market sewers entry main ingredient.jpg|left|clear=none|thumb|Entrance to the sewers in the basement of The Main Ingredient]]