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bloodmayne cave
I went to Bloodmayne cave once in the beginning of the game and did not want to crawl through it, so left. Now I at the quest of The Fugitives and I am unable to enter the cave. It freezes and will not load. I have loaded my character from the beginning of the game and can get in, but my character has done all the quests except SL and finishing up the Fighters Guild. I would love to finish The Fighters guild but if I don't find a way to get inside that cave I can't kill those 2 fugitives. I have found the back entrance and have killed the 2 there and tried to get into the cave from the door there, but even the back door will not let me inside this cave. I would love to know if there is a way to get around this problem. I am playing on the ps3.
Thanks a bunch, {{unsigned||18:42, 3 September 2010}}
Similar thing happened to me on 360; try rigorously cleaning disk. May sound kind of neanderthal, but hey, it worked for me.LtGt72
== BUG: Missing Fugitives [PC] ==
On the PC, in some cases two of four of the fugitives may be missing (I used MOVETOQT to get to them and was directed straight to an area I had already passed). There isn't a fix that I know of; (I use the Unofficial Oblivion Patch), and that does not makes them show up. However, there is a way to "kill" them. Using the console, look up the NPC's here at UESP and record their RefID's, then in the game use the console command '''prid <refid>''' to select the NPC in the console and then use '''kill''' to kill them. It will count towards the quest. [[User:Dbrown1986|Dbrown1986]] 01:45, 15 November 2010 (UTC)