Oblivion:Getting Around

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===Carrying Lots of Items===
If you suddenly can't move at all, one likely cause is that you are over-encumbered. Your '''[[Oblivion:Encumbrance|encumbrance]]''' is determined by your '''[[Oblivion:Strength|Strength]]''', and can be modified by ''Burden'' or ''Feather'' spells. Don't be confused, though: encumbrance is an all-or-nothing factor. Having 0/500 will cause you to run the same speed as 499/500 until you get to 500+/500 at which point you stop moving completely.
''Feather'' can be obtained in many ways, with varying strengths and durations:
====Moving Lots of Items with your Horse====
Being able to open a [[Oblivion:Containers|Container]] while on your [[Oblivion:Horses|Horse]] provides you with an incredible opportunity to move a large mass of items.
#While riding your [[Oblivion:Horses|Horse]], position it so you can activate the [[Oblivion:Containers|Container]]container and open the inventory list.
#Then transfer anything you want to your personal inventory. Move as much as you want, you don’t need to be worried about being [[Oblivion:Encumbrance|over-encumbered]].
#Then travel to your destination. You will not be able to fast travel and your horse will be unable to jump. Also, don’t get off your horse because you will immediately be [[Oblivion:Encumbrance|over-encumbered]].
#At your destination, while still riding your horse, transfer the items into another [[Oblivion:Containers|Container]]container. If you dismount, you will have to drop enough items on the ground to [[Oblivion:Encumbrance|un-encumber]] yourself. Setting up a [[Oblivion:Containers#Non-Traditional_Containers|Non-Traditional Container]] or locating a [[Oblivion:Containers#Traditional_Containers|Traditional Container]] at your destination, before you make the trip, is advisable.
===Special Moves===