Oblivion:Getting Around

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Special Moves
* '''Mountain Riding''' - The slope too steep to climb on foot? Take the horse, no problem climbing very steep slopes on horseback. You can even climb almost vertical slopes by wiggling your horse back and forth, going at an angle up the mountain. Eventually you'll reach the top.
* '''Zorro Extreme''' - If you plan a crazy stunt involving falling from great heights, leave the horse where you plan to land. No matter how far you fall, if you get to "activate" the horse before hitting the ground (still midair), you will just get on its back as if nothing happened, no damage applied.
* '''Quake-alike jumps''' - youYou may jump constantly by pressing and holding forward (any direction)- and hitting the jump- button. Your fatigue will decrease, however once it reaches zero most likely you will still be jumping -This helps getting up some slopes and move quite fast. It may happen so that you will eventually fall down - as if you were paralyzedquickly.
==Fast Travel==