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*Slowfall is best when combined with [[Morrowind:Jump|Jump]] and/or [[Morrowind:Fortify Skill|Fortify Acrobatics]]. These spells allow you to jump much higher, while Slowfall makes you fall slower, without decreasing your rate of horizontal speed, meaning that you can go ''much'' further with each jump. With enough of these effects, you can even jump from one corner of the map to the other in a single bound.
*Any value of Slowfall will make you completely immune to fall damage. A Constant Effect enchantment of 1 point of Slowfall will eliminate fall damage from any height, while having no effect on fall speed.
*There is a bug in the game engine associated with Slowfall - if the PC creates or has created an item with a Constant Effect Slowfall spell effect, all sound effects in the game (including voices) will have their pitch distorted severely. This effect will persist even if the item is not equipped and cannot be removed. This distortion is the same as if the player were jumping or falling adjacent to the source of a sound effect (e.g. an NPC) and the pitch is altered due to doppler effects. This doesunwanted noteffect happencan 100%be offixed, the timehowever, butby oncedisabling itHardware doesAccelerated itaudio is not possible to remove the effectand fromusing yourSoftware saveMode.
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