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[[Lore:Othrok|Baron Othrok]] was the firsta Baron of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Dwynnen|Dwynnen]], who ascendedruled tothe hisarea throne after defeatingin the undead armiesmiddle of Castle Wightmoor at the battle of [[Lore:Battle ofThird WightmoorEra|BattleThird of WightmoorEra]]. inAlthough 3Ethe 267.<noinclude><ref>{{CiteBaron book|Thedefinitely Fallexisted, ofit is difficult to separate the Usurper}}</ref>truth from legends that have arisen around him.
One legend deals with the foundation of the Barony itself, and how in {{Year|3E 253}}, the Baron led an army of animals and men in a victory against the undead armies of Castle Wightmoor at the battle of [[Lore:Battle of Wightmoor|Battle of Wightmoor]].<noinclude><ref name="TFOTU">{{Cite book|The Fall of the Usurper}}</ref></noinclude> Whether this is literally true or not, the people of the Barony celebrate a holiday called Othroktide on the 5th of Suns Dawn each year as a memorial to the battle.<noinclude><ref>{{Cite book|Holidays of the Iliac Bay}}</ref></noinclude>
The Baron is even more famous as the man who stopped the invasion of the [[Lore:Camoran Usurper|Camoran Usurper]] in {{Year|3E 267}}.<noinclude><ref name="TFOTU"/></noinclude> Although the credit given to the Baron is probably overstated, it was at the [[Lore:Battle of Firewaves|Battle of Firewaves]], not in Dwynnen itself but nearby, that the combined armies of Dwynnen, [[Lore:Ykalon|Ykalon]], Phrygia, and [[Lore:Kambria|Kambria]] defeated the Usurper and restored peace to [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]].<noinclude><ref name="TFOTU"/>