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Notes: YABFU
* Prices for training vary. The trainer that trains the furthest is going to be the most expensive, so you might want to go to minor ones first.
* Raise a trainer's [[Morrowind:Disposition|Disposition]] toward you to 100 to lower training costs. If you barter with a trainer firstafter paying them for training, their available gold will be raised temporarily by the amount you paypaid them for training.
* You can make use of hostile Trainers by casting a form of [[Morrowind:Calm Humanoid|Calm Humanoid]] on them.
* If a Fortify Skill effect is cast on a trainer and makes that skill one of their three highest, it becomes one of the skills in which the trainer will offer training. Use this to make them train different skills and/or train to higher levels. For instance, casting a +100 Unarmored spell on any trainer will turn them into a master-level trainer in Unarmored for the duration of the spell.