Oblivion:Getting Around

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Moving Lots of Items with your Horse
#Then travel to your destination. You will not be able to fast travel and your horse will be unable to jump. Also, don’t get off your horse because you will immediately be [[Oblivion:Encumbrance|over-encumbered]].
#At your destination, while still riding your horse, transfer the items into another [[Oblivion:Containers|Container]]. If you dismount, you will have to drop enough items on the ground to [[Oblivion:Encumbrance|un-encumber]] yourself. Setting up a [[Oblivion:Containers#Non-Traditional_Containers|Non-Traditional Container]] or locating a [[Oblivion:Containers#Traditional_Containers|Traditional Container]] at your destination, before you make the trip, is advisable.
====Moving Lots of Items with Shadowmere====
If you have played through enough missions in the Dark Brotherhood, you will gain shadow mere, a Black Horse who cannot be killed. So useful in the fact that while unconscious, she acts as a container.
Knock Shadow mere to the ground, place loot in Shadow mere, get on and travel to any town and sell/ place in your house.
===Special Moves===
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