Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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General Quest Hints: 'will come come to you' -> 'will come to you'
* Doing several quests in a row for one particular guild allows you to pick up a new quest at the same time that you clear the previous one.
* There are many different types of quests (dungeon, guard, cast a spell, deliver, etc). Dungeon quests are easily the longest but will help increase skills and will gain many items and gold. The quickest are the guard type quests which can usually be done very quickly and are the best way to quickly improve your reputation within a guild.
* If you take the quest to go kill some Giants, Harpies (or other creatures) for the Fighters Guild, go to a spot to where you can rest and do so. Some Harpies or Giants (or other creatures) will come come to you, so that you can get the quest done faster. You will often have to kill a Giant/Harpy first, then rest. Your rest will then be interrupted (and you should be able to hear the noises of the monster nearby). Kill the monster and rest again as needed until you have enough kills to complete the quest. This is a handy way to speed up this mundane dungeon quest.
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