Shivering:The Coming Storm

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[[Shivering:Ahjazda|Ahjazda]], the owner of [[Shivering:Things Found|Things Found]] asks you to retrieve three items for her so that she may prepare for "The Coming Storm." The three items she needs are as follows: the Ring of Desiccation, the Calming Pants, and the Amulet of Disintegration.
===Ring of Desiccation===
The [[Shivering:Ring of Desiccation|Ring of Desiccation]] is located in the [[Shivering:Museum of Oddities|Museum of Oddities]] in Crucible. It is in a locked display case on the second level of the building; if you ask [[Shivering:Una Armina|Una Armina]] for a tour of the museum, she will show you the exact location.Due to a bug you can take the ring from in front of her eyes and she will not care.{{VN}}
===Calming Pants===