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== The Blades in Oblivion ==
[[Oblivion:Jauffre|Jauffre]] is the current Grandmaster. When you first bring [[Oblivion:Brother Martin|Brother Martin]] to [[Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple|Cloud Ruler Temple]] during the [[Oblivion:Weynon Priory (quest)|Weynon Priory]] quest, Jauffre offers to make you a member of the Blades. You can choose whether to accept the offer or decline; if you decline, you can ask Jauffre at any later time about "Join the Blades" and become a member. Jauffre will not offer you membership if his [[Oblivion:Disposition|Disposition]] is below 40 (which should only happen if you have stolen from him or attacked him or if you have stolen from the Blades);, in thatwhich case, use a [[Oblivion:Charm|Charm]] spell to temporarily boost his disposition. Also, Jauffre cannot offer you membership if he dies (which is possible during the quests [[Oblivion:The Defense of Bruma|The Defense of Bruma]] and [[Oblivion:Light the Dragonfires|Light the Dragonfires]]). If your current Infamy is higher than your Fame you will not be able to join the Blades either. If you want to eventually join the Blades, you may want to be sure to join before those quests or else keep Jauffre alive.
The primary advantage of joining the Blades is that you can use anything in Cloud Ruler Temple (beds, a [[Oblivion:Horses#Jauffre's Horse|free horse]], free weapons in the Armory, books, etc). You are given an [[Oblivion:Akaviri Katana|Akaviri Katana]] upon joining. There is no advancement in this faction, nor are there any associated quests. Although the [[Oblivion:Main Quest|Main Quest]] could be considered to be the Blades faction, it is not necessary to join the Blades to complete the main questline.