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Stops the target from fighting. While under this effect, attacking them will not cause them to retaliate. Only 1 point magnitude is enough for any level target. This is fixed in the [[Tes3Mod:Morrowind Code Patch|Morrowind Code Patch]].
'''Calm Creature''' works on all non-undead, non-Daedra, non-mechanical creatures.
* Calm is useful if you are trying to fight with ranged weapons or spells in a confined area. Calm the enemy, and run out to put some distance between you.
* Calm is basically a crowd controlling effect. Such effects are exceptional for combat in high difficulty games.
* Calm Humanoid is a useful spell when you need to do some unfriendly things to NPCs but don't want to kill them. One such trick is to steal an NPC's armor by casting [[Morrowind:Disintegrate Armor|Disintegrate Armor]] on them until it breaks, casting Calm to removemake them fromstop combatattacking you, then finally pickpocketing the broken armor.
* On normally hostile targets, expect them to re-enter combat once the Calm spell has expired, but if you can raise their disposition, (NPCs only) it may stop their hostility, but only if their [[Morrowind:NPCs#Fight|Fight]] isn't too high by default.
* Only 1 point magnitude is enough for any level target.
** {{UMP}}
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