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invisibility and similar spells are dispelled when attacking
* If you need to quickly change weapons in the middle of a fight, go to your inventory and equip the weapon, then change to your character sheet and wait; you'll get the message "(hand) equipped" after a few seconds. Then go back to the game, and your weapons will be changed.
* Take advantage of XnGine's difficulty with corners and stairways. Both mostersmonsters and the player can get "stuck" when rounding corners, but the monsters usually walk in a straight line and won't try to move off the corner. Some monsters, like zombies or giants, can't climb stairways at all.
* Make use of the [[Daggerfall:Illusion Spells|Invisibility]] spell. If you back away about 5 to 10 paces, sometimes the monster forgets about you completely. Watch it closely and it may turn its back to you, giving you an opportunity to backstab it. If you run away far enough after the backstab and the spell is still in effect, you can do this repeatedly!
* Some enemies seldom or never use use ranged attacks, so stay back and use ranged attacks them for an easy kill.