Daggerfall:Games Domain Preview

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GAME PLAY: Spelling
The plot and game play in ''DAGGERFALL'' has been greatly improved over that in ''ARENA''. The character must obtain artifacts before rivals groups aquireacquire them and use them to instigate an uprising. The character will form a reputation with NPC's depending on their success with mini-quests, or which guilds the character belongs to. Even the clothing, weapons and armour the character is wearing will affect how NPC's interact with the character. The player can also buy houses, castles, ships and other crafts with his amassed wealth. Property can be adorned with furniture and treasure, and if you don't trust your wealth at home, you can put it in a bank, which is also available to help you finance large purchases. Conversation with NPC's remains handled via a menu driven branching strategy, with the new feature of being able to select your conversational goal.