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Notes: Steffan-Juaffre note
*Though the Blades are an established authority in the Empire, they do not pursue the common duties of law enforcement: Blades will not arrest you if you are caught committing a crime or if you have a bounty on your head.
*The Order of Talos serves an auxiliary function for the Blades, secretly offering shelter and assistance to traveling Blades as well as providing a way for retired Blades to continue serving the Emperor in a more subdued fashion. A chapter-house of the Order, [[Oblivion:Weynon Priory (place)|Weynon Priory]], is involved in the Main Quest.
*If Juaffre dies, Captain Steffan would apperantly take over as Grandmaster, since he is the only [[Oblivion:Captain Renault|current]] in-game captain.
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