Morrowind:Namanian Facian

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|class=Nightblade Service
|spell={{Spells Sold|MAID}}
|spell=[[Image:MW_AlterationColor.jpg|Alteration Spells]][[Image:MW_DestructionColor.jpg|Destruction Spells]][[Image:MW_IllusionColor.jpg|Illusion Spells]][[Image:MW_MysticismColor.jpg|Mysticism Spells]]
!Spell Name||Cost||Effects
{{MW Spell|'''Burden of Sin'''||50}}
{{MW Spell|Fire Shield}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Burden}} 40-60pts for 20sec on Touch
{{MW Spell|Frost Shield}}
{{MW Spell|'''Great Feather'''||50}}
|'''Fire Shield'''||45
|{{MW EffectLinkSpell|FireLightning Shield}} 10pts for 30sec on Self
{{MW Spell|'''Ondusi's Open Door'''||15}}
{{MW Spell|Slowfall}}
|'''Frost Shield'''||45
{{MW Spell|Wild Levitate}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Frost Shield}} 10pts for 30sec on Self
|'''Great Feather'''||50
|{{MW EffectLink|Feather}} 100pts for 10sec on Self
|'''Lightning Shield'''||45
|{{MW EffectLink|Lightning Shield}} 10pts for 30sec on Self
|'''Ondusi's Open Door'''||15
|{{MW EffectLink|Open}} 50pts for 1sec on Touch
|{{MW EffectLink|Slowfall}} 30pts for 10sec on Self
|'''Wild Levitate'''||115
|{{MW EffectLink|Levitate}} 1-50pts for 30sec on Self
{{MW Spell|'''Potent Poison'''||68}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Poison}} 20-40pts for 5sec on Touch
{{MW Spell|'''Dire Noise'''||35}}
{{MW Spell|'''Erelvam's Wild Sty'''||10}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Sound}} 2-60pts for 5sec on Target
{{MW Spell|Hide}}
{{MW Spell|Paralysis}}
|'''Erelvam's Wild Sty'''||10
{{MW Spell|Silence}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Blind}} 1-40pts for 10sec on Touch
|{{MW EffectLink|Invisibility}} for 30sec on Self
|{{MW EffectLink|Paralyze}} for 5sec on Touch
|{{MW EffectLink|Silence}} for 5sec on Target
{{MW Spell|'''Reflect'''||38}}
{{MW Spell|'''Tevral's Hawkshaw'''||5}}
|{{MW EffectLink|Reflect}} 10-20pts for 5sec on Self
{{MW Spell|'''Wild Spelldrinker'''||51}}
|'''Tevral's Hawkshaw'''||5
|{{MW EffectLink|Detect Key}} 10pts for 10sec on Self
|'''Wild Spelldrinker'''||51
|{{MW EffectLink|Spell Absorption}} 1-40pts for 5sec on Self