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 ==Wolok gro-BarokMusic==Hi everybody, I'm Wolok gro-Barok. Coincidentally, it's also the name of my latest Oblivion character. Anyway, I really enjoy playing Oblivion, you could even say I'm addicted to it. Recently, I've discovered this site, and I found the site quite helpful. I decided to make an account, so I could help improving the site without being an anonymous user. Even though I have Oblivion for two years or so now, I have never completed the Main Quest, the Mages Guild, the Arena and the Dark Brotherhood, yet I must admit I know of all four exactly how they will end. I blame the site for my curiosity! {{NewLine}}==Real Life=<span class="plainlinks">In real life, I'm a seventeen year old boy from the Netherlands, the province of Fryslan. I'm still in secondary school and I'm partial to playing chess. I'm also an avid reader, particularly the Wheel of Time series. Therefore I find it a shame that [[User:Verin Sedai|User:Verin Sedai]] is inactive since 2007, otherwise we could have talked about non-UESPWiki related subjects! My music preferences include the likes of [ Lynyrd Skynyrd], [ Rainbow], [ Led Zeppelin], [ CCR], [ ZZ Top], [ AC/DC] and [ The Who] (yeah, modern kids also like Classic Rock!). {{NewLine}} ==My contributions==Most of my contributions will be simple spelling/grammar mistakes that anyone is probably capable of noticing. However, I'm also a regular contributor to the ONPCRP-project, mostly by verifying the things other editors have written down, though I sometimes start from scratch. I've also added a couple of walkthroughs for the various dungeons scattered around Cyrodiil. Unfortunately, Oblivion broke on me again. Therefore I won't be able to contribute as much as I would like to do. Don't worry, I keep in touch with the site! {{NewLine}}==My Oblivion character==I've had countless Oblivion characters, but since I started a new game very often I didn't play one for very long. My latest Oblivion character, an Orc called Wolok gro-Barok (very surprising), is currently level 37 and is the Gray Fox and guildmaster of the Fighters Guild. He also likes to bet on the Arena, but even with a luck of 75, he seems to lose more money then he wins with it. Besides his fighting capabilities, he is also a capable spellcaster. He's currently the only Orc in Cyrodill with Mages Guild affiliations. Apart from all his guild obligations, he likes to protect all traveling NPCs by assisting them in their journeys, especially Oghash gra–Magul, since she has quite some problems with the Will–o–the–Wisp residing in Fort Empire (I know, the Will–o–the–Wisp isn't guaranteed to appear there). His favorite places to hang around are the Newlands Lodge around lunch time and dinner time, because the place is filled with Orcs then, and the Skingrad vineyards, overseeing the vintners while they're at work. {{NewLine}}==My Morrowind character== Recently, I've acquired a copy of the Morrowind GOTY edition. My first character is a Khajiit called Whisker-Tail and he has just spend his first hours in Vvardenfell. He very soon left Seyda Neen and headed for Ebonheart. He finds it a cozy village with a nice inn: Six Fishes. However, in there, he was rudely awakened by an assassin! The Dark Brotherhood is after him, or so it appears! In order to avoid the assassin, Whisker-Tail tried to run away and close the door. The latter is subject to a glitch in my game, the very first glitch I encountered. Whisker-Tail closed the door, but things got complicated. The assassin is now stuck in the door, rendering him and Whisker-Tail unable to interact with eachother, let alone kill. What's more, Whisker-Tail finds himself unable to open the door, and every time he enters the Inn, the battle music starts playing, which means he's totally unable to get some sleep in Ebonheart now. I could use the console to solve the problem, but still... After the adventure at Ebonheart, Whisker-Tail is currently traveling to Balmora to meet up with a possible relative of Arvena Thelas. {{NewLine}}==Notes== Feel free to edit any spelling</grammar mistakes you encounter!span>
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