Oblivion:Sideways Cave

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== Notes ==
* This cave leads down into a large subterranean lake and waterfall (the second zone, ''[[#Hidden Lake|Hidden Lake]]''), and beneath the lake lies the ruins of an ancient [[Oblivion:Ayleids|Ayleid]] city, Abagarlas (the third zone, ''[[#Zone 3: Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas|Lost Abagarlas]]''.) Abagarlas is completely hidden deep underground and can only be reached through the secret underground lake.
* ThroughoutIn all three zones canyou bewill found the corpses and skeletalfind remains of a couple of adventurers and warriors who didn't makeprevious, itunlucky, outexplorers.
* In the ruin and around the lake you'll find Ayleid tablets which suggest that the city was destroyed by a "child of [[Lore:Meridia|Meridia]]", probably by the flooding and extraordinary plant growth in and around the city. At the end, in the Abagarlas throne room, is the recently deceased body of a wealthy [[Oblivion:Altmer|Altmer]] scholar who was most likely responsible for the tablets. The scholar has three rare articles of clothing: A [[Oblivion:Blue Silk Shirt|Blue Silk Shirt]], a pair of [[Oblivion:Blue Silks|Blue Silks]], and a pair of [[Oblivion:White Mage's Shoes|White Mage's Shoes]].
* Picking up each tablet causes a message to pop up stating that "A hasty translation is scrawled here". The three translations are: