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Shivering:Unique Clothing

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| style="white-space:nowrap;" | [[Oblivion:Water Breathing|Water Breathing]] <br>[[Oblivion:Water Walking|Water Walking]]
| Needed for [[Shivering:The_Coming_Storm|The Coming Storm]] quest.<br>The first ID is for the item when you take it; the second ID is for the ring when it is in the [[Shivering:Museum of Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]].<br>If you steal it from [[Shivering:Museum of Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]] without obtaining the quest, and then go to jail, you will not be able to equip it again. It will say "You cannot equip this enchanted item right now". Although, the effects will remain. You will also be able to wear two other rings and keep the effects.
| {{Linkable Entry|Ring of Disrobing}} <br>{{ID|00081E68}} <br>{{ID|00081E69}}