Morrowind:Technical Information

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==Resolution and Aspect Ratio==
Morrowind's maximum natively-supported resolution is 1280 x 960, and does not support any asepctaspect ratios other than 4:3. This can be a problem for players using high-end PCs, where a poorly-cooled processor may overheat during extended play at 240 frames-per-second, (Morrowind's default maximum), and players who use widescreen monitors. The [ Morrowind FPS Optimizer] allows the exact resolution to be tweaked, as well as several other factors, such as allowing view distance and AI distance to be increased beyond the default limit. Most widescreen monitors are in a 16:10 aspect ratio, the most common resolution of which is 1440 x 900. If your view looks streched at this resolution, try searching for your monitor online or looking through the paperwork which came with it.
The Morrowind FPS Optimizer can also be used to improve performance on PCs which have difficulty running Morrowind even at low settings.