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==My Morrowind character==
Recently, I've acquired a gay arabic guy to play withcopy of the Morrowind GOTY edition. My first character is a Khajiit called heary nipples Whisker-Tail and he has just spend his first hours in a gay barVvardenfell. He very soon left Seyda Neen and headed for a gay strip clubEbonheart. He finds it a cozy village with a nice inn: Six Fishes. However, in there, he was rudely awakened by an prostituteassassin! The prostitute Dark Brotherhood is after him, or so it appears! In order to avoid the prostituteassassin, heary nipples Whisker-Tail tried to run away and close the door. The latter is subject to a glitch in my game, the very first glitch I encountered. heary nipples Whisker-Tail closed the door, but things got complicated. The prostitute assassin is now stuck in the door, rendering him and heary nipples Whisker-Tail unable to interact with eachother, let alone rapekill. What's more, heary nipples Whisker-Tail finds himself unable to open the door, and every time he enters the Inn, the battle music starts playing, which means he's totally unable to get some sleep in Ebonheart now. I could use the console to solve the problem, but still...
After the adventure at the gay strip clubEbonheart, heary nipples Whisker-Tail is currently traveling to his hay friends house Balmora to meet up with a possible client relative of of gay sexual intercourseArvena Thelas.
Feel free to edit any spelling/grammar mistakes you encounter! ow and by the way im totaly a fagot