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[[category:Daggerfall-Faqs|Old Unofficial FAQ]]
====MAIN INDEX====
==<center>THE ELDER SCROLLS CHAPTER 2: ''DAGGERFALL'' FAQ, v0.992</center>==, last updated 13 November 1996
===<center>LAST UPDATED 13 November 1996</center>===
====MAIN INDEX====
Welcome to the ''THE ELDER SCROLLS CHAPTER 2: DAGGERFALL'' FAQ WWW pages. On these pages you will find the lastest info on this computer role playing game being released by BETHESDA in late September 1996.
*'''[[Daggerfall:Sources|SOURCES]]: How we Found Everything, and Where to Find it'''
*'''[[Daggerfall:Wrap-Up|WRAP-UP]]: That's All For Now, and Miscelleanous Information'''
*[ The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
*'''[[Daggerfall:dag992.faq|TEXT FAQ v0.992]]: DOS Text Version of the Daggerfall FAQ
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