Lore:The Amulet of Kings

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|sortkey=Amulet of Kings, The
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Wenengrus Monhona|Wenegrus Monhana]]
|description=Chronicles the creation of the Amulet of Kings
In the first years of the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]], a powerful race of Elves called the [[Lore:Ayleids|Ayleids]], or the Heartland High Elves, ruled central [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]] with an iron hand. The high and haughty Ayleids relied on their patrons, the treacherous [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedra Lords]], to provide armies of [[Lore:daedra|daedra]] and dead spirits; with these fearless magical armies, the Ayleids preyed without mercy upon the young races of men, slaughtering or enslaving them at their whim.