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Real Life: You said "feel free" at the bottom of your page. :) It's often hyphenated as well (seventeen-year-old), but that's becoming less common.
==Real Life==
In real life, I'm a seventeen years year old boy from the Netherlands, the province of Fryslan. I'm still in secondary school and I'm partial to playing chess. I'm also an avid reader, particularly the Wheel of Time series. Therefore I find it a shame that [[User:Verin Sedai|User:Verin Sedai]] is inactive since 2007, otherwise we could have talked about non-UESPWiki related subjects! My music preferences include the likes of [ Lynyrd Skynyrd], [ Rainbow], [ Led Zeppelin], [ CCR], [ ZZ Top], [ AC/DC] and [ The Who] (yeah, modern kids also like Classic Rock!).
==My contributions==
Most of my contributions will be simple spelling/grammar mistakes that anyone is probably capable of noticing. However, I'm also a regular contributor to the ONPCRP-project, mostly by verifying the things other editors have written down, though I sometimes start from scratch. I've also added a couple of walkthroughs for the various dungeons scattered around Cyrodiil.
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