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Ancient Lich/Vampire Strategies
=== '''Ancient Lich/Vampire Strategies''' ===
I'm sure most of us have had the unfortunate luck of encountering an Ancient Lich or Ancient Vampire in a dark dungeon hall. If one is well prepared, these monsters can pose little threat. If caught off guard, however, the encounter can be deadly (most of the time involving your character's death). The following is the best strategy I have evolved so far against these enemies. Please post any improvements you may have.
Currently against Ancient Vampires I am using a custom Continuous Damage fire based single target ranged spell that does
50(HP) X 9(mylevel) = 450(HP) damage per round for 5(rounds) X 9(mylevel) = 45 rounds
This would result in a total of 20,250 hit points of damage against the target....IF IT WORKED. Unfortunately, the Ancients just shrug the blast off as if it were but a minor annoyance approx.approximately 65% of the time.
The Vampire Ancients seem to be handicapped with a lack of ranged spells, fortunately for us all. However, and this is a big however, they move fast and if they reach you and you have no magical protection, YOUyou AREare DEAD. Count on it. I have rather potent magical protections and I too have seen much floordead. Therefore I have for you the following recommendations:
Switch to visual style combat interface for Quake style reflex levels.
RUNRun LIKElike HELLhell!
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