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'''Jearl''' is a [[Oblivion:Redguard|Redguard]] who owns a house in [[Oblivion:Bruma|Bruma]]. She has been [[Oblivion:Jearl's Orders|ordered]] by [[Oblivion:Ruma Camoran|Ruma Camoran]] to spy on the [[Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple|Cloud Ruler Temple]] with her friend [[Oblivion:Saveri Faram|Saveri Faram]] for an [[Oblivion:Defense of Bruma|attack on Bruma]]. She is a [[Oblivion:Mythic Dawn|Mythic Dawn]] [[Oblivion:Mythic Dawn Agent|agent,]] and you will have to root her and her companion out during the [[Oblivion:Spies|Spies]] mission on the Main Quest. She only appears in the game once the quest is initiated and like all the other agents at this point, will attack you on sight.
As she's very busy during the night, Jearl sleeps late and gets out of bed no earlier than 12pm. She spends the next two hours inside the house, talking with her partner-in-crime Saveri, until sitting down at the dinner table to take her lunch at 2pm.
The ground floor of her house contains nothing of particular interest, except for a chest with a random piece of either iron or steel equipment, located next to the fireplace. The basement, however, shows a couple of vital clues to her secret identity; The [[Oblivion:Skill Books|skill books]] Mythic Dawn Commentaries [[Oblivion:Mythic_Dawn_Commentaries_1|1]] and [[Oblivion:Mythic_Dawn_Commentaries_2|2]], and, if you have started the quest, the document [[Oblivion:Jearl's Orders|Jearl's Orders]], a major piece of evidence.
SheJearl wears a pair of [[Oblivion:Buckled Shoes|buckled shoes]], a [[Oblivion:Flax Tunic|flax tunic]], and [[Oblivion:Sack Cloth Pants|sack cloth pants]]. and She carries around her [[Oblivion:Jearl's Key|house key]], the [[Oblivion:Basement Key|key]] to the basement, and a small amount of gold. The moment she sees you, she will shout out; ''”You cannot escape the Master's vigilance!"'' and attack you.
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