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Oblivion:Damage Fatigue

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Damaging Fatigue Below Zero
Using damage fatigue can be a particularly useful method for disabling an opponent, rendering them unconscious and defenseless for many seconds. However, it may be difficult to lower a target's fatigue to a negative value, and the player may have to resort to using a combination of powerful poisons and stacked spells to do the job.
Fatigue regenerates at ten points per second when the fatigue regeneration is at 100%. There is no ''stunted fatigue'' effect, but casting a ''damage fatigue 10 points for D seconds'' will do the same thing.
These spells are much cheaper than [[Oblivion:Paralyze|Paralyze]] spells, potentially making them much more useful. Combining several Damage Fatigue effects (spells, poisons, weapon enchantments), amplified by [[Oblivion:Weakness to Magic|Weakness to Magic]], tend to be much cheaper and longer-lasting than Paralyze spells.