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Morrowind:Absorb Health

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*Although this effect makes an effective "on strike" enchantment for a weapon, do not combine it with any "on target" effect. Such a combination causes the Absorb Health effect to become susceptible to [[Morrowind:Reflect|Reflection]], the result of which will be massive damage to the player.
*This is a fairly powerful effect despite the high cost compared to other offensive spells. For example, someone who uses a large number of summons or finds himself fighting large groups could invest in a one- or two-point Absorb Health spell with a moderate duration and maximum area. One point of Absorb from three or four cheap summons equates to a good deal of health, even not counting health drained from enemies also in the area of effect. Multiple castings can turn your summons hostile, though.
*Argonians can't use any spells with an absorb health effect because they are CRIMINAL SCUM
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