Oblivion Mod:Formid

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ModIndex Zero
===Maximum Mods===
The fact that the modindex is represented by a byte (two hex digits) indicates that the maximum number of mods that can be used at once is 255. (One byte allows 256 different 'slots', and one of those ('FF') is used by the save game itself. Of course, we're counting Oblivion.esm as a 'mod', so it will use up one of the remaining 255 slots.)
===ModIndex Zero===
Modindex zero ('00') is likely to be somewhat special, since the gameengine itself defines certain default objects with modindex zero. You'll see these if you start the construction set without any mods (including Oblivion.esm) loaded. This suggests that Oblivion.esm should always be the first mod to load -- i.e. it should always be dated earlier than any other esm files.