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Much of the game of ''Daggerfall'' relies on successfully surviving through a combat situation. This page will hopefully help you survive longer than you thought possible by providing hints and tips on fighting.
=== '''Weapon Swinging''' ===
The way you swing your weapon does more than just look nice. It determines your accuracy and damage. This information comes directly from the Daggerfall manual.
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! Attack Style !! Damage !! Accuracy
| Diagonal Slashes || Increased Damage || Moderately More Difficult to Strike
| Horizontal Slashes || Base Damage || Base Accuracy
| Vertical Chops || Highly Increased Damage || Extremely More Difficult to Strike
| Thrust Forward || Lowered Damage || Increased Accuracy
=== '''Fighting Strategies''' ===
When using the View Interface, one can easily back up while fighting, which can help prevent one from being hit at all. A hit the on the monster causes it to be knocked back, and if the character backs up quickly enough, the monster will not have a chance to attack before the character is ready to strike a blow. By the time the monster has advanced enough to strike, the character can swing again, back up...etc. This can be a very handy tactic.