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Chandigar,Durgapur, Natrakona,Bangladesh
Social Welfare Reg. 0216 Natrakona
Mobaile - 01715-752270, 01717-036966
E-mail -
The venerable President
Subject: Prayer for the management and building a house so that the orphans and shelter less children can reside.
With due respect and humble submission I beg most respectfully to state that a beneficent orphanage has been established in 1996 at the village of Chandigor of P.S. Durgapur under the district Netrokona in Bangladesh.
This orphanage has been producing the privileges of shelter, education, medical aid, other facilities to the orphans. Shelter less children, widows, rejected women from society and women left by husband. . I would request you to observe website:- --- this institution has been absolutely incapable of established mint of a suitable a reading room. The tin shed house wade of mud is undoubtedly not suitable to reside on the part of girls. In the last year the eastern side of the wall has been damaged owing to heavy rain fall and storm the northern side of the wall is about to damage. If this wall becomes damaged they will not find scope to reside in the orphans. If you kindly provide us with recon negation as ‘Auga Sangayalk’. We shall use your sign board. We shall try our best to matter lese, in Bangladesh, your idealism and the purpose. It should be carefully noted that it is next to impossible on our part to develop this institution without your assistance and co-operation. Under this circumstances may I there fore, pray and hope that your honor would be so good as to build a two storied house measuring 80 feet in length and 21 feet in breath so that the orphans get opportunity to use the lower floor as reading room and upper floor as for residence and oblige there by.
may we, therefore, pray and hope that your honor would be so good as to pay your visit to our orphanage and provide us with amounting to $34385 dolers importer to build a two storeys house where the orphanage girls and shelter less children can get an opportunity to reside and present their studies and oblige thereby.
Your sincerely
Pleader of your aid
Nityananda Goswami (Nayan)
General secretary
Manab kalayankami Anatalaya
==In Conclusion==