Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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The '''quests in Daggerfall''' outside of the [[Daggerfall:Quests#Main Quest|main questline]] are varied in form, content, and complexity. These quests can be categorized in several ways. They can be categorized by the type of quest-giver (a guild or the nobles of a province, for example). They can also be categorized by the style of adventure that the character needs to undertake to complete the quest (dungeon crawls, deliveries and puzzle-solvers are examples of these styles). What is included here are various techniques for solving them.
==Quest Sources==
Besides the major storyline quests, there are a plethora of quests available in Daggerfall. These quests are available from a number of sources, and vary widely in tone, type, time required and style. The sources of these quests are the various guilds, factions, and various people of Daggerfall.
In general, the objectives of these quests will reflect the interests and goals of the quest-giver. The skills needed to resolve these quests are rarely too specific. However, a few, namely some Mages Guild quests, require specific circinate spells to complete.
* '''Guilds'''
**[[Daggerfall:Fighters Guild|Fighters Guild]]
**[[Daggerfall:Mages Guild|Mages Guild]]
**[[Daggerfall:Thieves Guild|Thieves Guild]]
* '''Other Organizations'''
**[[Daggerfall:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]]
**[[Daggerfall:Knightly Orders|Knightly Orders]]
**[[Daggerfall:Witch Covens|Witch Covens]]
* '''Other Quest-Givers'''
**Innkeepers/Shopkeepers<br>These quests can also attained from any NPC that offers "talk" from their menu when clicked on.
==Reputation and Quests==