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====MAIN INDEX====
Welcome to the ''THE ELDER SCROLLS CHAPTER 2: DAGGERFALL'' FAQ WWW pages. On these pages you will find the lastest info on this computer role playing game being released by BETHESDA in late September 1996. If you have any comments/suggestion on the content of the FAQ, please contact Andrew Franklin, the main FAQ writer. If you have any comments/suggestions on the layout of these WWW pages, please contact [ Dave Humphrey], the WWW page creator (we can't make improvements unless we hear from you, We hope your stay here will be both a pleasant and helpful one, enough to make it onto your hotlist.
You might want to also check out [ The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages] which contains much ''DAGGERFALL'' related information and is updated weekly.
*'''[[Daggerfall:General Info|GENERAL INFO]]: Answers to Some Basic Questions About ''DAGGERFALL'''''
*'''[[Daggerfall:Sources|SOURCES]]: How we Found Everything, and Where to Find it'''
*'''[[Daggerfall:Wrap-Up|WRAP-UP]]: That's All For Now, and Miscelleanous Information'''
*[ The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages]
*[ TEXT FAQ v0.992: DOS Text Version of the Daggerfall FAQ]
*[ The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages]
''HTML FAQ version produced by: [ Dave Humphrey], 7 April 1997''<br>
''DAGGERFALL FAQ also created by: [ Andrew Frankling], BETA Tester for Hire..."Beware a Spellsword"''<br>
and: [ Michael Bodenhoff]