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Morrowind:Absorb Health

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*If Although this spell is effect makes an effective "on strike" enchantment for a weapon, do not combine it with any "on target" effect. Such a combination causes the Absorb Health effect to become susceptible to [[Morrowind:Reflect|ReflectedReflection]] by the target, the target does not absorb health from result of which will be massive damage to the casterplayer. Rather, the spell simply drains and replenishes the caster in equal amounts, essentially having no end effect. This is a good choice to enchant a melee weapon with, healing you while damaging your foe. {{VN|I know this is a widely held belief, but not true in my extensive use of Cast-on-Strike weapons. Absorb Health reflected can damage you}}
*This is a fairly powerful effect despite the high cost compared to other offensive spells. For example, someone who uses a large number of summons or finds himself fighting large groups could invest in a one- or two-point Absorb Health spell with a moderate duration and maximum area. One point of Absorb from three or four cheap summons equates to a good deal of health, even not counting health drained from enemies also in the area of effect. Multiple castings can turn your summons hostile, though.