Shivering:Heretic Dungeons

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† These entries may be Amber or an Amber Matrix. From level 1-8 the chance is 14.3% that it will be a matrix; from level 9 the chance improves to 25%.<br/>
‡ In addition to the other items, there is a 2% chance that one of the [[Shivering:Two-Headed Coin|Two-Headed Coin]], [[Shivering:Mixing Bowl|Mixing Bowl]], [[Shivering:Ring of Disrobing|Ring of Disrobing]], [[Shivering:Hound's Tooth Key|Hound's Tooth Key]], [[Shivering:Soul Tomato|Soul Tomato]] or [[Shivering:Dagger of Friendship|Dagger of Friendship]] will be found - some of the oddities required in [[Shivering:The Museum of Oddities|The Museum of Oddities]] quest<br/>
§ Only found in the Gardens of Flesh and Bone, Natatorium of Wound Bled Tears