Lore:Ahemmusa Tribe

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The [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ahemmusa Tribe|Ahemmusa Tribe]] is one of the four native [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Ashlanders|Ashlander tribes]] of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Vvardenfell|Vvardenfell]]. Living in their [[TamrielLore:Ahemmusa_Camp|current settlement]] in the north-eastern corner of the island, the Ahemmusa have been gravely affected by [[{{NAMESPACE}}:The Blight|the Blight]] disease, ash storms and the recent activity of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Red Mountain|Red Mountain]]. The peaceful Ahemmusa suffer from attacks of corprus creatures and other animals that have gone mad due to the blight storms.
The Ahemmusa have little in the way of cash, subsisting by barter. The tribe is currently under stress with food increasingly hard to find. Hunting and herding has become dangerous because of attacks of maddened animals. The blight is also causing plants to die and whole herds of grazing animals to sicken. Many members of the tribe have died, including the ashkhan, who left no clear successor.