Oblivion:The Market Sewers

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* 1-9 [[Oblivion:Bandit|Bandit]] Enemies (each 50% probability melee , 25% archer Bandit, 12% [[Oblivion:Dog|Dog]], 12% [[Oblivion:Animals#Nuisance Beast|Nuisance Animal]])
* 1 Chest (contains [[Oblivion:Keys#The Bloodwork's Sewer Key|The Bloodwork's Sewer Key]], loot similar to boss-level bandit chest: 1-2 plain light armor, 1 plain weapon, 10% chance enchanted armor, 25% enchanted weapon, etc.) at location '''B''' on map
* 2 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 01|Chests 01]] (1 locked)
* 3 [[Oblivion:Bandit Dungeons#Chest 02|Chests 02]] (2 locked)
** 1 door (at '''F''') leads to [[Oblivion:The Best Defense|The Best Defense]] Basement (locked).
** 1 door (at '''H''') leads to [[Oblivion:The Main Ingredient|The Main Ingredient]] Basement (locked).
** 1 door (at '''I''') leads to the adjacent sewer system under the [[Oblivion:Arena District|Arena District]], [[Oblivion:Beneath the Bloodworks|Beneath the Bloodworks]] (locked, opened by [[Oblivion:Keys#The Bloodwork's Sewer Key|The Bloodwork's Sewer Key]]).
* 1 Gate (at '''E'''), opened by a Turn Wheel north of the gate (cyan dot) on map. This gate can only be opened from the north side; it cannot be opened from the south side.
* 1 Gate (at '''G'''), opened by two Turn Wheels (cyan dots), one on either side of the door.