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Sortable Tables: summarizing new sortable table features
Keep in mind that only ''one'' row can be bottom-sorted in this way, and there is no way to top-sort a row. Also, tables with row-spanning or column-spanning cells may not behave properly as sortable tables.
UESP's implementation of sortable tables is not the same as standard mediawiki sortable tables. Some additional features on UESP:
* Row-spanning and column-spanning cells are supported in sortable tables
** Rowspan groups of rows are always kept together as a fixed unit when sorting
* Format of a column can be specified, by setting the class of the first cell in the column. Particularly useful if column contains blank cells. Any cells that do not match specified class are treated as blank. Possible classes are:
** '''sort_num''': sort column numerically
** '''sort_date''': sort column as a date
** '''sort_str''': sort column as a string
* Column can be set to by default sort in descending order (with one click, instead of having to click twice for descending order). Selected by setting class of the first cell in the column:
** '''sort_desc''': descending sort order
* Minor features:
** Clicking on a column three times reverts the entire table to its original layout.
** Line breaks (<nowiki><br></nowiki>) are automatically inserted before sortable column icon.
** Tweaks improving how dates and numbers are parsed.