Oblivion Mod:Formid

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'''Note:''' The modindex of a data object in CS4 is the ''native'' modindex. The modindex of that same data object in-game is the ''in-game'' modindex.
'''Note 2:''' In fact, an ESP may have both new objects with a ''native'' modindex (usually '01'), as well as new objects with ''global'' modindex ('00'). The latter are used as-is by the engine, thus being, for all intents and purposes, static - the same as if they'd originate in Oblivion.esm. The drawbacks are the fact that you can neither create nor edit such ESPs in the CS4, and the potential for FormID conflicts with other ESPs and ESMs, including Oblivion.esm itself. As such, it remains an interesting property without any practical use ... yet.
===Hexadecimal Numbers===